January 31, 2019

San Jose Journals by Gianfranco Paolozzi opens First Friday Feb. 1st Art Walk SJ

Phantom Galleries is proud to present “San Jose Journals” by Gianfranco Paolozzi at The Pierce Lobby Gallery.

Join us for the artist reception on First Friday Feb. 1st from 7pm–11pm with performances by the Paolozzi Tango Trio.

Gianfranco’s works are considered “journals” because they are never finished until they are sold. In this way, Paolozzi’s work is ever-evolving… until it is yours; once you have it, it is completely evolved…or…back in the studio they go where they continue to be added to or edited.

The works also have no “correct” top, bottom or sides when it comes to hanging the work. Paolozzi designed the frame with hardware so the collector can hang a piece in any orientation they’d like. Use your imagination.

Phantom Galleries at The Pierce Apartments
2 Pierce Ave. (at the corner of Market St. in SoFA District)
Free admission and all ages.
For full schedule of #ArtWalkSJ exhibitions please visit www.southfirstfridays.com

First Friday Feb. 1st Art Walk SJ at KALEID Gallery

Join us this First Friday Feb. 1st for the aritsts' receptions of two new feature exhibitions by resident artists Steven Reece, and Amy Steinberg.

Dreamscapes new work by Steven Reece

A collection of endangered species portraits and surrealist landscapes inspired by architectural and environmental elements that survive from fragments of forgotten dreams.

Artist Steven Reece creates compositions in multiple mediums often incorporating critically endangered species from all over the world. Mediums of presented works include pyrography, oil, acrylic, giclee print, and mixed media.

Missives in Symbols by Amy Steinberg

A collection of paintings about the state of being and communicating to the world through personal symbols. Amy uses her own visual language to paint short missives from a dictionary of symbols she has created to express her inner thoughts.

Artists' Reception: Friday February 1st 7pm–11pm
Free admission, part of the South FIRST FRIDAYS Art Walk SJ
Exhibition Dates: February 1–22, 2019

KALEID Gallery
88 So. 4th St., downtown San Jose
408-947-1785 • info@KALEIDGallery.com
Gallery hours: Tuesday–Saturday 12–7pm. Free admission.

October 29, 2018

Symbiosis by Monica Valdez Artist Reception Nov. 2nd

Phantom Galleries is proud to present:

Symbiosis by Monica Valdez

Artist's reception: first Friday Nov. 2nd, 7pm–11pm
with music by Peter Benjamin Fowler.
Part of the South FIRST FRIDAYS ArtWalkSJ

Symbiosis is a series of paintings inspired by botanical form resemblances combined with man-made structures that are experienced on a daily basis. In this body of work, I create a symbiotic relationship between these organic compounds and structures by harmoniously intertwining both. The viewer may experience a sense of tranquility and a moment of contemplation as a result of the varying gradients that intertwine opposites.

Monica Valdez is a San Jose based artist, who merges screen-printing and painting to create her own distinct style. Her work is inspired by waterfalls and plant life juxtaposed with man-made structures in which she creates a co-mingling between the two distinct forms. She is a San Jose State University graduate and has shown in several galleries in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles and Beacon, NY.

Exhibition dates: November 2–January 12, 2019

The Pierce Apartments Lobby Gallery
2 Pierce Ave. (at Market St.)
downtown San Jose.

New Feature Exhbitions Opening First Friday Nov. 2nd at KALEID Gallery

KALEID Gallery is proud to present two new feature exhibitions by resident artists Katie C. Gutierrez, and Gianfranco Paolozzi for the month of November 2018.

Please join us for these artists' receptions on first Friday November 2nd 7pm–11pm with music by Mark Camp.

The Regeneration Show by Katie C. Gutierrez

It is okay to re-work your work.

"The Regeneration Show" is about my way of growing as an artist through experimentation and risk and building upon lessons learned over time by reworking previously finished paintings. It has been liberating to let go of– and potentially destroy– pieces that seemed complete and precious at one time but later felt amateur, stagnant, and unremarkable to me. In their previous lives, most of them have hung in galleries, some have been part of large exhibitions, and a few were the result of testing a new technique or material and things just never went any farther than that (and I probably would have otherwise thrown away). Their evolution is the result of many years of learning what not to do while embracing what could actually be possible if I allow myself to experiment with different materials, meanings, marks, forms, and failures. It was important to me that hints of their former selves were still visible through the many translucent layers of wax not only because they would simply have more depth and be more visually interesting, but they would also remind me of my own personal and artistic progress.

Texture, depth, and color (or lack of) are very important aspects of my work, and my paintings and prints are typically created from a combination of encaustic paint and medium, paper, fabric, cold wax, ink, shellac, bronze powder, mica, watercolor, and acrylic. My experience has been a mix of learning how to do things properly while simultaneously experimenting in practices that would most likely result in epic failure – and as a huge fan of the “happy accident,” something I have learned not to worry about. I love the meditative and sensory experience of working with wax. It allows me to incorporate the “messy, yet graphic” feeling that I have always been attracted to in art that I like into the art that I make.

The Roundels That Become Journals new work by Gianfranco Paolozzi

I was looking in the recycle container full of paper from flexo printing presses.
That's when I felt the passion again; round surfaces screaming to be used.
I looked at them; changing on the floor of my studio.
I had to use my marks; my moments on the surfaces as a sign of me being there.
That's when the roundels were born.
These days I consider the Roundels “memory journals”....they evolve over time, just as our memories seem to.
The "finished" date of the Roundels are a date of abandonment rather than completion.

Gianfranco was born in a small Italian village in 1952, he was always an artist and musician. He remembers creating art and drawing pieces from as early as preschool, he got his prized accordion at the age of 9. As a young man in the 60s, he sold 2 oil on canvas paintings to pay for a vacation around Italy with friends and then he experimented with photographs. After his Italian military duty, he followed the love of his life to America in 1972, married her and had 3 children. The 80s was a full of shows around Silicon Valley. Also in the 80s was his first piece of the collagements series with photographs on plexiglass. The 90s brought solo shows. In the 2000s he really began to expand his presence in San Jose's illustrious art and music scene. Presently he has officially switched the title of all pieces of art, past and present, to "Journal" because they are forever evolving until they are sold. He formed the Paolozzi Tango Trio that plays all over Silicon Valley with Gianfranco on the Accordion and the composer, Nancy on the Piano, and Griff on the Violin and Viola.

Artists' reception: first Friday November 2nd 7pm–11pm with music by Mark Camp.
Part of the South FIRST FRIDAYS ArtWalkSJ

Exhibition dates: November 2–24, 2018

KALEID Gallery
88 S. 4th St.
downtown San Jose

Gallery hours: Tuesdays –Saturdays 12pm–7pm & first Fridays til 11pm.
Free admission.

January 2, 2018

No ArtWalk Reminder and An Invitation to a Mural Unveiling Party

REMINDER: There's no South First Fridays Art Walk this Friday January 5th due to a holiday break. The art walk will return first Friday February 2nd.

In the meantime; get your art fix with us at Sara's new mural unveiling party!

Phantom Galleries is proud to present a new mural by Sara Tomasello entitled "Resonate" at Sofa Market in the SoFA District downtown San Jose.

Join us in celebrating the completion of Sara's on-site painting which evokes the energetic fluidity of the creative spirit and the poetic balance of feminine & masculine; art & music and the love of community commissioned by the amazing folks at SoFA Market.

RESONATE mural unveiling party on Friday JAN. 12th from 6pm to 9pm:
• 7pm: a few words from the artist
• Great music by EOM Sessions
• A tandem exhibition of Sara's canvas works will also be featured
• Happy hour prices at the The Fountainhead Bar when you mention Sara.
• Several delicious eateries on site for dinner with friends and family.
• Free admission & great for all ages.

Contact Phantom Galleries with any questions at info@phantomgalleries.com

SoFA Market is located at:
387 S First St., San Jose, CA 95113

Airy Kurktchi Exhibit at 488 Cafe Downtown San Jose

Phantom Galleries is proud to present a new series of paintings by Erica "Airy" Kurktchi at 488 Cafe in downtown San Jose.

Airy Kurktchi combines her passions for color, the cosmos and the art of the pour to create her “space-scape” paintings. Viewing Airy’s paintings gives you the spectacle of the astral close up and as you move across the painting; the colors change and move with you.

This exhibit is currently on view during regular cafe hours through February 28, 2018.

488 Cafe
488 Almaden Blvd. (ground floor of the PWC/Oracle building)
San Jose, CA 95113

Cafe Hours: Monday - Friday
Breakfast - 7:30-10 am
Lunch - 11:00am-2:00pm
Snacks and coffee until 4:00pm

HARK! Sale at KALEID Continues thru Jan. 13th

KALEID Gallery's HARK! annual holiday show and sale continues through January 13th. There's still many works of art by our resident artists as well as invited artists from our broader community that have made their work very affordable and accessible for the holiday season. Treat yourself to an original art work by a favorite artist or discover someone new.

KALEID is open Tuesday–Saturday 12pm–7pm and is always free admission.

KALEID Gallery
88 S. 4th St.
San Jose, CA

July 5, 2017

No ArtWalkSJ This Friday July 7th

REMINDER! No South FIRST FRIDAYS #ArtWalkSJ this Friday July 7th but you can still attend these two great exhibits happening in downtown San Jose. The ArtWalk + STREET MRKT will resume on August 4th, 7pm–11pm, free & open to all as always.

KALEID Gallery is very proud to present this 40 year retrospective of art work by resident artist Gianfranco Paolozzi. Please join us for the artist's reception on Friday July 7th at 6pm.

"Art is life and only life. "
~Gianfranco Paolozzi

Gianfranco was born in a small Italian village in 1952. He has always been an artist and musician; he remembers drawing and creating art from as early as preschool and received his prized accordion at the age of 9 (which he continues to play while performing with his Paolozzi Tango Trio).

As a young man in the 60's, he sold two oil paintings to pay for a vacation around Italy with friends. It was then he started experimenting with photography. After completing his Italian military duty of service; he followed the love of his life to America in 1972, married her and now have 3 grown children. The 80's were full of art shows throughout Silicon Valley and the decade in which his first piece of the "Collagements" series was born (using photographs on plexiglass). The 90's brought several solo shows for Gianfranco which led to a greater expansion of his presence in San Jose's illustrious art and music scene. Presently, he continues to be prolific with his “Journals” series and has officially switched the titles of all his art pieces, past and present, to "Journals" because they are forever evolving until they are sold.

Artist Reception: Friday July 7th, 6pm–9pm
­­Exhibition Dates: July 7–August 19, 2017

KALEID Gallery
88 So. 4th St., downtown San Jose
408-947-1785 • info@KALEIDGallery.com
Gallery hours: Tuesday–Saturday Noon-7pm Free admission

One of a Kind: monoprints and more by Ray Ashley

opening night: Friday, July 7, 2017, 7-10pm
free refreshments and friends celebrating Ray!

This special July exhibition features the art of Ray Ashley, a patron saint of local artists and arts organizations, who was an artist himself. Works will show selections of Ray’s work coinciding with the first exhibit devoted to his vast collection of art at the Triton Museum of Art in Santa Clara. One of Works’ most generous supporters, Ray passed away late in 2016. Works will provide the opportunity to collect Ray’s work just as he collected the work of so many regional artists.

Exhibition continues: July 8–23

Works San Jose
365 S Market St
San Jose, California

March 11, 2017

Winner of the 2017 Cinequest Live Painting Contest

Congratulations to the winner of this year's Cinequest live painting contest BRANDON ANDERTON!


pictured: Force 129, Brandon Anderton, Julie Meridian

It's VOTING TIME! Click HERE to vote for your favorite Cinequest x Phantom Galleries #Elevate painting.

Brandon Anderton, Fernando Amaro, Jr and Julie Meridian will be painting live & finishing up their #Elevate paintings at the Cinequest Closing Party this Sunday night (at the Hyatt Hotel from 9pm–midnight) where the winner will be announced.

We're very proud of all three artists and their amazing work and very thankful to Cinequest for including us in their world-class festival!

Brandon Anderton

Last update before the final day tomorrow and still got tons of work to be done!

I've really enjoyed creating around the theme "Elevate"! It's given me a chance to reexamine how I look at things and began once again to take for granted.

Fernando Amaro, Jr (Force 129)

Illustrating my vision of California Theatre film festival attendants full of color & life after the films.

Julie Meridian

When I thought of "elevate" it made me think about how everyone is in a different place...and how no matter where each person is they have something to contribute. As I'm painting these gestures what started as solitary expressions has grown, and I've been noticing more of the connections between them. I've had a chance to see a few of these films too and learn how these tiny slices of expression fit into those larger stories.

March 1, 2017

Cinequest x Phantom Galleries Painting Contest 2017

We are so excited to have these super talented artists participate in this year's Cinequest Film & VR Festival x Phantom Galleries Painting Contest!

Brandon Anderton, Julie Meridian and Fernando Amaro, Jr. will all be creating their painting on the "Elevate" theme from their studios with daily progress pics and thoughts about their process over the next two weeks. Final voting will occur at the Cinequest Closing Party on March 12th.

Keep up with their progress on our Phantom Galleries Facebook page or on Instagram.

Fernando Amaro, Jr.
Hello my name is Fernando Force 129 Amaro Jr currently living & working in San Jose CA as a full-time artist & designer I like to work in mixed media in the studio. My work can be seen at KALEID Gallery.

Brandon Anderton
I'm both humbled and excited to be a part of this years live painting event for Cinequest 2017. Be sure to follow my friends #force129 and #juliemeridian as we will post daily updates of our progress of our creations from our studios centered around the theme "Elevate"

Julie Meridian
Julie Meridian is drawn to the hidden natures of things and the ways context can shift perception and behavior. She explores these through both art and design, seeking out the small truths whose presence can inspire serendipitous connections. Through painting and illustration she captures what is unique – to remix it or to hold it in isolation to gain fresh perspective. She has recently exhibited paintings at Works/SanJosé and KALEID Gallery.

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